May 8 – June 19, 2021
Memorable: Ingrid Bachmann, Patrick Beaulieu, Patrick Bérubé, BGL, Dominique Blain, Renato Garza Cervera, Lars Johan Claesson, Robbie Cornelissen, Nicholas Crombach, Jannick Deslauriers, Pierre Dorion, Clinton Fein, Eddy Firmin, Karilee Fuglem, Sarah Garzoni, Karine Giboulo, Dina Golstein, Jonathan Hobin, Guillaume Lachapelle, Cal Lane, Fernand Leduc, Sean Mellyn, Zeke Moores, Clint Neufeld, Verner Panton, Karine Payette, Bevan Ramsay, David Spriggs, Claude Tousignant

Text by Noémie Chevalier

Some artworks have shaped art history and its trajectory. By breaking with classical art, these revolutions have opened new genres to an infinite freedom. Avant-garde, revolutionaries and intrepid artists, thus mark the spirits. Their pioneering status have produced works that have become very famous. The objective of this present exhibition is to immerse us in a journey where the works are striking and aim to stimulate our imagination.

This exhibition will be the occasion of an unexpected meeting of works coming from different horizons of approach or of aestheticism. This is a peculiar niche of a corpus worthy of the most astonishing works. Above all, the two co-directors, Rhéal Olivier Lanthier and François St-Jacques, wanted to share their favorite artworks with their public. Installations and sculptures will be dominant in this exhibition, but some paintings by Claude Tousignant are also present. Tousignant is an avant-garde figure and a great influencer of abstract art. His whose color use provokes a vibration in his idea that “art is an experience”.

Some of the productions showed in the exhibition have become must-sees. Patrick Beaulieu’s installation The Arcs 2 (2017), whose first version can be admired at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in the Michal and Renata Hornstein Peace Pavilion. Also, Karine Giboulo’s installation Village Démocratie (2010-2011) features a set of characteristics that the artist observed during a trip to Haiti. What is shown is universal and can be found everywhere where two different realities exist side by side: poverty and wealth. In creating these combinations of works within the same exhibition, there is a deep desire to present several pieces that are colossal in their proportion but also in their impact on the conditions of our society.

For the past twenty-five years, Art Mûr has valued contemporary art, stimulated creation, promoted cultural diversity and offered audacious presentations that facilitate dialogue and encounters. These themes are illustrated by works from artists represented or in collaboration.

The exhibition Memorable is intended to give an idea of the multiplicity of remarkable achievements presented since 1996, marking a retrospective in the gallery’s history. For long-time regulars, it will be an opportunity to recall some remarkable exhibitions. In any case, it is a major exhibition that visitors are invited to attend.