Derrière la façade

This 96 pages trilingual retrospective catalogue marks the evolution of Guillaume Lachapelle’s production, the refinement and complexity of a universe where the strange and the familiar meet. Through their respective essays, Laurent Vernet, Anaïs Castro and Tina Simon reveal the recurring patterns of Guillaume Lachapelle’s miniature works while allowing the reader to be immersed in the artist’s liminal space – a space at the crossroads of imagination and perceived reality. The catalogue is published at Éditions Art Mûr in collaboration with the Musée d’art contemporain des Laurentides, Ottawa Art School and maerzgalerie galerie Leipzig (Germany).

Guillaume Lachapelle : Derrière la façade
Publication Director : Art Mûr
Coordination : Anaïs Castro
Graphic design : Associés libres (Jennifer DeFreitas, Rodolfo Borello)
Photography : Guillaume Lachapelle, David Brandt, Mike Patten, Guy L’Heureux, Gaëlle de Roussan, Olivier Schmitt, Stéphanie Jasmin
French Revision : Magalie Bouthillier
English Revision : Lin Gibson
Printing : J.B. Deschamps
Includes bibliographical references
Texts in French, English and German
ISBN 978-2-923243-06-1