Fresh Paint / New Construction 2016

July 16 – August 28, 2016
Opening reception: Saturday, July 16th from 3-5pm
Fresh Paint / New Construction – 12th edition
Rouzbeh Akhbari, Amanda Arantes, Angie Arsenault, Zahra Baseri, Félixe Bouvry, Anne Belley, Ellen Bleiwas, Patrick James Bravo, Danielle Brideau, Yan Wen Chang, Paul Chartrand, Brent Cleveland, Aleksandar Cupovic, Sarah Epp, Casey Fulton, Adrian Gollner, Adam Gunn, Denise Holland, Candace Horsburgh, Marc Knowles, Marion Landry, Ann Karine Bourdeau Leduc, Juanita Lee, Pamela Leszczynski, Caitlin McCann, Philip McIlroy, Eric McKay, Olivier Moisan-Dufour, Christine Nobel, Freya Perron, Cindy Phenix, Camille Prat, Ianick Raymond, Kizi Spielmann Rose, Geemal Sevathean, Breanna Shannahan, M.E. Sparks, Erika Stonehouse, Maude Thibault-Morin, Haley Uyeda, Anouk Verviers, Erin Vincent, Joel Warkentin, Jessica Winton

Text by Michael Patten

Fresh Paint / New Construction is our critically acclaimed annual student exhibition of contemporary art. Now in its 12th year, the event includes forty-four emerging painters and sculptors from fourteen institutions across Canada. This year we are very pleased to be working with Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Alberta College of Art and Design, University of Manitoba, University of Waterloo, York University, OCAD University, University of Western Ontario, University of Ottawa, Concordia University, UQAM, Bishop’s University, Université Laval, NSCAD University, and the Grenfell Campus Memorial University of Newfoundland.

This major event has proven to be a sure-fire hit with our visitors, time and again. Each year, we invite faculty members from each university to recommend students who stand out for the exceptional quality and originality of their work. Then, the gallery makes a final selection of participants and chooses within their production a collection of pieces for the show. This recurring project provides an invaluable educational experience for the students. It allows them to show their work in a professional context and initiates contact with dealers, critics, curators, collectors and other members of the art community.

There are more art collectors today than ever before and many of them share an acute interest in emerging contemporary art. Over the years, Fresh Paint / New Construction has become a well-established event for up-and-coming talent and every year collectors and gallery-goers eagerly await the opportunity to discover Canada’s next generation of painters and sculptors with undeniable potential.