Fresh Paint / New Construction 2015

July 18 – August 29, 2015
Opening reception: Saturday, July 18 from 3-5pm
Fresh Paint / New Construction – 11th edition: Amanda Marie Abrahams, Gabriela Avila-Yiptong, Katie Bruce, Andree-Anne Carrier, Olivier De Serres, Laura Demers, Jérémie Deschamps-Bussières, David Doody, Hannah Doucet, Myriam Fauteux, Christyna Fortin, Karine Fréchette, Iris Fryer, Angela Henderson, Edgar R. Hernández, Sean Huang, Sophie Madeleine Jaillet, Sarah Kernohan, Marc Knowles, Claudie Landry, Frédéric Laurin, Liz Little, Mary Ma, T.J. Mclachlan, Natalie Nadeau, Francesca Pang, Christos Pantieras, John Patterson, Jane Popowich, Jared Prince, Dayna Riemland, Marie France Robichaud, Simone Sciascetti, Carrie Smith, Denise Smith, Jeremie St-Pierre, Jason Stovall, Mariane Stratis, Reka Szepesvari, Frances Thomas, Liz Toohey-Weise, Vickie Vainionpaa, Couzyn Van Heuvelen, Victoria Verge, Jacobo Zambrano

Text by Anaïs Castro

Over the years, the fields of sculpture and painting have known countless trends and critiques, successes and rejections, ideas, concepts, manifestos. These have been heavily studied, examined and are being taught in every art schools across the country. Contemporary artists are aware of this vast heritage and choose to position themselves within this legacy and continue to develop and cultivate the richness of our visual language.

For the last decade Art Mûr’s benchmark summer event Fresh Paint / New Construction has been dedicated to the promotion of emerging painting and sculpture from Canada’s top art schools. This year for its 11th edition, we have given it a facelift. Four new universities have been invited to participate: Univeristy of Regina, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Grenfell Campus Memorial University of Newfoundland and Queen’s University. With a total of 16 contributing institutions, we asked each to submit a greater number of talented students than previously. Within a vast basin of applicants, we made a selection of 45 students that represents every participating university and almost every province of the country. This renewed formula for Fresh Paint / New Construction allows for a more comprehensive overview of the new artistic vocabularies stemming out of Canada’s best art programs.

Despite the modification in the selection process, this new edition is faithful to what the event has always been: abundant and diverse. The 11th edition of Fresh Paint/ New Construction continues to testify to the versatility of painting and sculptures, to the fertility of Canada’s art schools and to the intelligence and skills of a new generation of artists.

Here’s an unparalleled opportunity to discover new talents, be surprised by cutting-edge works of art, acquire a piece of art – for the first time for some- and follow the artistic development of Canada’s new generation of painters and sculptors.

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