Fresh Paint 2005

June 4 – June 18, 2005
Fresh Paint– 2nd edition: David Arseneau, Sigrún Jenný Barõadóttir, Henry Buszard, Magalie Comeau, Mike Farnan, Allison Freeman, Benjamin Klein, Ingrid Thompson et Catherine Guérin, Russell Tyler, Michi Yamashiro.

For a second consecutive year, Art Mûr repeats the Fresh Painting formula, which is the result of a collaboration between the gallery and the professors of Concordia University’s Department of Visual Arts and Drawing. Indeed, each of the eight professors has been mandated to select a student in painting for the quality and originality of his or her work.

These young artists, some of whom have already developed a mature body of work, show undeniable potential. They present us with rigorous and documented work that establishes the beginning of a professional artistic practice. In other cases, the work reflects in different forms and with great mastery the expressions of youth. Through their eyes, painting comes alive. It speaks boldly and convincingly of personal stories, fictions, beauty, popular culture.

The exhibition Fresh Painting 2005 aims to unveil to the general public a selection of young artists with undeniable potential. Indeed, Fresh Painting is an opportunity for a younger generation of art collectors with lower incomes to acquire reasonably priced works by artists with professional potential.

In addition, this carefully selected exhibition gives young artists the opportunity to present their work in a professional context. By showcasing the work of these young artists, Art Mûr allows them to make connections with members of the art community, curators and art collectors.