Patrick Beaulieu

b. 1974, Drummondville, QC

Patrick Beaulieu is a multidisciplinary artist. For the last ten years, his work has been built around the initiation of performative trajectories resulting in a corpus of visual artworks combining installations, videos, sculptures, photos and in-situ / in-socius interventions. With the collaboration of authors, philosophers and landscape architects, he completed a trilogy of Transfrontier Odysseys in 2013, that consisted of following aerial trajectories of the annual migration of monarch butterflies via terrestrial paths (Monarch Vector, 2007); chasing American winds over a 25-day continental tour (Ventury, 2010) and surrendering to fate and luck on the roads of chance (Vegas, 2012). In the summer of 2014, he embarked on a slow continental drift. Traveling by kayak he crisscrossed meanders that brought him from the source of a river in southern Quebec, to the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Hudson River in New York. Navigating within the rhythms of subtle currents during 25 days, he visually captured these points of confluence – where the intersection of landscapes and human encounters generate poetry (Meander, 2014). His works have been presented in a variety of contexts in Canada and abroad and are part of public and private collections. He is represented by Art Mûr Gallery in Montreal.
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Patrick Beaulieu

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