Oli Sorenson

b. 1969, Los Angeles, CA

Oli Sorenson was born in Los Angeles and based in London between 1999 and 2010, where he built a profile as audiovisual artists, delivering video performances at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Tate Britain and the British Film Institute. Since moving to Montreal in 2010, he continued presenting his work at international venues including Kassel, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Seoul, and Paris.

Sorenson is greatly influenced by DJing and musical production, to connect his practice with the art of remixing by using citation, accumulation and situationist détournement as expressive vectors. Among his activities, he combines art history canons with current affairs, popular culture and social network memes, to produce new narratives and new cultural materials. More specifically, his recent work critiques the industrial overproduction of capitalist societies, where market profits take priority over the well-being of populations and nature, and exert an existential threat on the ecology of our planet.

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Oli Sorenson

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