Karine Giboulo

b. 1980, Ste-Émélie de l’Énergie, QC.

Karine Giboulo is a highly talented and accomplished artist hailing from Canada. Giboulo’s artwork is infused with her keen observation of society, exploring themes such as social and political issues, consumerism, urbanization, and the consequences of human behavior. She utilizes a variety of mediums, including sculpture, installation, and mixed media, to create thought-provoking narratives that challenge conventional perspectives. Giboulo’s sculptures often depict figurative scenes, miniature in scale, meticulously crafted with intricate details. Through her artistic vision, she constructs miniature worlds filled with profound symbolism and social commentary. Her works invite viewers to delve into a microcosm of contemporary life, exposing the complexities and contradictions that exist within our society.

Giboulo’s work has received widespread recognition and has been exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally. In addition to her exhibitions, Giboulo has garnered prestigious awards and grants for her outstanding artistic contributions. Today, Karine Giboulo continues to make a significant impact in the art world with her compelling and thought-provoking sculptures. Her work serves as a powerful reflection of contemporary society, inviting viewers to engage in critical discourse and reflection on the world we inhabit.

Curriculum Vitae

Karine Giboulo - Ma Maison

Ma Maison

Broken Circle

Broken Circle


City of Dreams

All you can eat

Life Bubbles

Democracy Village

Electronic Village

The Interiors