Event Horizon: This Must be the Place

Trevor Kiernander: Event Horizon: This Must be the Place
Rebecca Travis and Benjamin Klein
Publication par le Centre des arts visuels et Art Mûr
Foreward : Victoria LeBlanc, Rhéal Lanthier et François St Jacques
Photography : Guy L’Heureux
Revision : Victoria LeBlanc
Graphic design : Stephanie Reynolds
Translation : Olav de Winter and Sandrine Garon
Interview : Benjamin Klein
Text in French and English
ISBN 978-1-926492-10-0

Trevor Kiernander’s paintings examine and assemble space and spaces, exploring the problematization of the figure/ground relationship in painting. The work begins with an interest in the formal aspects of painting and a concern with “painting as painting”, focusing on material and process, where discarded masking and under-drawings are often crucial to the final composition. Taking ideas and inspiration from a constantly growing collection of images, Kiernander breaks these down and constructs a world formed of dislocated and interwoven partial planes, lines and shapes. This publication features over twenty new paintings including the artist’s largest works to date, along with an essay and an interview with the artist. Trevor Kiernander holds an MFA from Goldsmiths, University of London. His work has been exhibited in Canada, the United Kingdom (Bearspace and The Woodmill), Germany (Kunsverein Speyer) as well as in Russia (Art Moscow and the 4th Moscow Biennial). He lives and works in London and Montreal. Co-produced with Art Mûr Montréal. In English and French.