Guillaume Lachapelle

b. 1974, Stoke, QC.

Guillaume Lachapelle’s artistic practice is shaped predominantly by sculpture, expressed in the form of installations and detailed miniature models. Lachapelle presents playful universes which combine objects of undetermined purpose; in this way, he opens the conventions of our reality to fresh disposition. The architecture of his models – which Lachapelle has recently begun to make with the help of the latest 3-D printing technology – shows motifs originating from the everyday, certainly, but seeming strange, alienating or even uncanny when combined as the artist chooses. A kind of transition between two worlds often appears in Lachapelle’s work – for example when the model of a library filled with books curves inwards and reveals a mysterious opening pointing into darkness – these are the artist’s references to spaces and occurrences which may be concealed below the surface of outward semblance.

Guillaume Lachapelle has participated in several solo and group exhibitions including Manèges at Circa – Centre d’Exposition Art Contemporain (Montreal) in 2006; Quebec Gold at the Ancien Collège des Jésuites (Rheims, France) in 2008 and in Abracadabra (Edward Day Gallery, Toronto) in 2008. Recently, he completed a permanent commemorative sculpture in Belmont Park (the site of an amusement park that operated between 1923 and 1983) located in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville neighbourhood of Montreal. The artist has also recently unveiled a new in-situ permanent artwork at the Père-Ambroise library, in the Ville-Marie neighborhood of Montréal.

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