Dina Goldstein

Born in Tel Aviv (Israel) in 1969

Dina is a photographer and Pop Surrealist with a background in editorial and documentary photography. For Dina photography is intended not to produce an aesthetic that echoes current beauty standards, but to evoke and wrest feelings of shame, anger, shock and empathy from the observer as to inspire insight into the human condition.

Dina’s work is exhibited in galleries and museums internationally. Her images have been recognized for their metaphorical and ironic messages. Highly controversial, they have garnered coverage in magazines and newspapers around the globe and continuously create dialogue within social media platforms. The projects has been subject to many written essays, dissertations, and mentioned in various literature. Dina’s pieces are studied and taught in art schools, photography programs, gender and feminist studies. Dina is often invited to exhibit her work and speak to large groups.

Curriculum vitae


Fallen Princesses

In the Dollhouse

In the Dollhouse