A Posteriori

July 17 – August 28, 2021
A Posteriori : Pascal Caputo, Scott Everingham, Karine Fréchette, Annie Hémond-Hotte, David Kaarsemaker, Andrew Morrow, Mohadese Movahed, Audie Murray, Laura Payne, Ianick Raymond, Luke Siemens, Vickie Vainionpaa

Text by Noémie Chevalier
To celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary, Art Mûr wanted to highlight the progress made by the phenomenon of Fresh Paint / New Construction. Indeed, several artists have had their works exhibited in past editions. It is therefore interesting to look back to take the pulse of the progress of these former participants.

Twelve artists accepted the invitation. This meeting allows us to highlight the path taken by artists who have become true professionals. Indeed, an interesting dialogue is created in the meeting of the works of Karine Fréchette, Ianick Raymond, Laura Payne and Vickie Vainionpaa where the impression of the real and the virtual is blurred on the seductive surface of the painting. The computer generated imagery is brilliantly translated onto a traditional medium and this fully amplifies the optical effects. A seductive alchemy is also found in the abstract paintings of Scott Everingham and David Kaarsemaker. Both artists’ oil on canvas paintings are vibrant scenes of structure, seemingly unstable, built from painterly lines or shapes.

On the other hand, Annie Hémond-Hotte and Pascal Caputo’s bright and acidulous strokes act as an in-between: between laughter and anguish, between a smooth and precise line, through both an abstract and a figurative gesture. Andrew Morrow’s breathtaking direction also plunges us into a confronting universe. Under apocalyptic tones, men are embraced and intertwined like classically inspired nudes.

Finally, Audie Murray works with themes of contemporary Indigenous culture and concepts of duality and connectivity. Murray draws on secular techniques and contemporary concepts to inform her material choices. She often uses found objects from everyday life and then modifies them with specific materials and techniques to reclaim or work through the cultural content of the object. For Mohadese Movahed who grew up in Iran, a country with complex cultural and political phenomena, these restrictions have become part of her daily life. The impact on her life in a highly restrictive society continues to affect her and is reflected in his artistic practice. Finally, Luke Siemens’ proposed drawings are a balance between the rigid, analytical quality of depth and the randomness of mutation. Our gaze has not finished following this quasi-organic maze designed in graphite.

With the courtesy of the galleries: Blouin Division, Fazakas Gallery, Robertson Arès Gallery, St-Laurent plus Hill Gallery and Studio Sixty Six.