The Resale 2013

February 2 – March 2, 2013
The Resale – 6th Edition: Marcel Barbeau, Mario Beaudet, Roger Bellemare, Mario Bergeron, Claude Bibeau, Anne Billy, Dominique Blain, Kittie Bruneau, Edward Burtynsky, Alexandre Castonguay, Serge Clément, Ulysse Comtois, René Derouin, Lany Devening, Claude Dulude, Gabriel Filion, Frère Jérôme, Yves Gaucher, Jean Gaudreau, Charles Giguère, Betty Goodwin, Massimo Guerrera, Keith Haring, Jean-Philippe Harvey, David Hockney, Tom Hopkins, Harlan Johnson, Jean-Paul Jérôme, Richard Lacroix, Normand Laliberté, Jean Lefebure, Serge Lemoyne, Fernand Leduc, David Liss, Mathieu Lévesque, Marcella Maltais, Jean Mcewen, Olaf Mooij, Jean-Pierre Morin, Craig R. Norton, Alfred Pellan, Roberto Pellegrinuzzi, Jean Pierre Perreault, Michel Piquette, Rock Plante, Rober Racine, Roadsworth, Louise Robert, William Ronald, Francine Simonin, Barbara Steinman, Fernand Toupin, Claude Tousignant, Richard-Max Tremblay, Armand Vaillancourt, Mark Vatnsdal, Irène F. Whittome, Wax Wyse

The Resale is back! This unique event offers you the opportunity to renew your art collection by either selling artwork you own, or by acquiring new artwork from other collectors.