Scope New York 2013

March 6-10, 2013

Art Mur is very pleased to present the work of Nadia Myre, Cooke-Sasseville, Diana Thorneycroft, Sonny Assu, Karine Giboulo, Rebecca Belmore and Nicholas Galanin at the Scope Art Show in New York, from March 6-10, in a thematic presentation of that addresses ecology, and the complex relationship between First Nations and Canada.

The first work that greets visitors is Maintiens le droit, a mixed media sculpture work linking two well-known Canadian symbols. Here, we see a beaver undermining the authority of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer by chewing him down like a tree. These elements are arranged to create an ambivalent situation where power and symbolic representation are questioned.

Similarly, Karine Giboulo’s Caribou boréal plays also on Canadian clichés to denounce clear cutting responsible for the disappearance of millions of hectares of forest every year. The same political humor is found in the three works by Diana Thorneycroft that will be presented at the fair. From the series Group of Seven Awkward Moments in which Thorneycroft used landscape paintings by the famous Group of Seven as backgrounds to make photos that also address the issues of the Canadian North.

Works by Sonny Assu, Nadia Myre, Rebecca Belmore and Nicholas Galanin offer interesting points of view on Native nations’ situation. Each from a different aboriginal nation, these artists use diverse strategies to negotiate a truly contemporary aesthetic that takes its root in Native Art. Their works will connect perfectly those mentioned above for their equally relevant commentary on the current conflict with native nations. Rather it is to expose past pains, a certain actual indifference or to affirm the hope of a harmonious future, native people will be proudly represented at Scope this year.

The Scope Art Show returns to New York City in the historic James A. Farley Post Office on West 33rd Street, an event space known as the Skylight at Moynihan Station. Widely regarded for its influential voice in the emerging art market, Scope will feature 55 international galleries alongside 20 Breeder Program galleries, selected by curatorial panel. Hailing from four continents and eighteen countries, Scope exhibitors represent the best and brightest contemporary work from emerging and mid-career artists.

Art Mur, booth C-01
Skylight at Moynihan Station
312 West 33rd St.
New York, NY 10001
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