Art Mûr is very pleased to announce its participation at Papier13, from April 25 – 28, at the corner of de Bleury and Ste-Catherine in Montreal.

Within the context of the fair, which celebrates the versatility of paper as a medium in contemporary art, the gallery will present the work of nine artists, including: Judith Berry, Simon Bilodeau, Karine Giboulo, Dina Goldstein, Holly King, Nadia Myre, Claude Tousignant, Henri Venne and Ewa Monika Zebrowski.

This event is an excellent opportunity to preview some works from our upcoming exhibitions, opening May 4th at Art Mûr, with Dina Goldstein and Karine Giboulo. In her most recent photographic series In the Dollhouse, Dina Goldstein chronicles the unhappy marriage of the two most iconic, played-with, and, some would say, socially problematic dolls ever designed. And Karine Giboulo’s new photos, produced during her residency at Space 118 in Mumbai, India, document her continued interest in hyper-urbanization and disparities in wealth through miniature dioramas – sculpted in polymer clay.

It will also be the occasion to see Nadia Myre’s most recent series titled Meditations on Red which was highly praised in New York during our participation at the Scope art fair this past March. Meditations on Red are large circular prints resembling gongs, planets, mandalas, or darkened pools with ripples extending radially from their centres. Closer inspection reveals a digitized universe of intertwined glass seed beads of varying shapes, sizes, and colours.