Fresh Paint 2007

July 7 – August 11, 2007
Opening reception: Saturday, July 7th, 3pm to 5pm
Fresh Paint – 3rd edition: Marie-Ève Beaulieu, Hugo Bergeron, Raphaëlle Laramée, Alexis Lavoie, Caitilin Livingston, John Player, Mélodie Prégent, Ianick Raymond, Emily Shanahan, Justine B. Tétreault.

The third edition of Peinture Fraîche results from a collaboration between professors of painting in the art departments of Concordia University and the Université du Quebec à Montréal. The professors were invited to select 10 students who stand out for the quality and originality of their work. These young artists already show mature reflection and undeniable potential. They present rigorous works that establish them at the beginning of their professional artistic practice. Their painting speaks with audacity and conviction about personal stories, fictions, beauty and popular culture.