Punching bags

November 12 – January 16, 2021
Eddy Firmin : Punching bags
Curator: Marie Lavorel
Maison de la culture Notre-Dame de-Grâce
Studios Botrel (3755 Botrel Street)

Eddy Firmin is interested in the politics of knowledge sharing and the epistemic conflicts they engender in the colonized artist. An artist-researcher from the French West Indies (Guadeloupe), he works on a bossal method aimed at decolonizing the imaginary in art. With his new interactive installation Punching Bags, he continues to explore poetic forms of resistance to the power relations at play in current cultural identity logics. Through this exhibition, he proposes to question the actions, gestures and positions we take today, whose roots are impregnated by the long history of colonial violence (and which is the subject of a doctoral thesis in art studies and practices at UQAM).