Adam Gunn

b. 1977, Halifax (NS)

Adam Gunn’s painting practice began with a desire to subvert the traditional still life genre, creating an absurd experience that would evoke a sense of uncertainty in the viewer. Initially, they painted from observed forms, exaggerating them and creating surreal compositions. However, their newer works incorporate a variety of sources, including imagination and organic processes to create indeterminate spaces and shapes. The artist is drawn to the unpredictable process that creates these forms and has begun painting in a more improvisational manner, balancing this with planning to emulate the process of natural evolution in their paintings. The artist received a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and has been recognized for their works in various competitions, including being a finalist in the RBC Painting Competitions and a regional winner in the BMO 1st! Art competition. Originally from Nova Scotia, the artist currently resides in Montreal, pursuing graduate studies in art at Concordia University.
Curriculum vitae

Adam Gunn, You Float on Nothing, 2022

Regretté de tous

Adam Gunn, Island of the Dead, 2019


Island of the Dead