Adam Gunn

b. 1977, Halifax (NS)

My painting practice began with subverting the idea of a still life to create an absurd experience where the presence of carefully observed and exaggerated absurd forms painted from life would create a potent experience of uncertainty. My newer work has been expanding on this process to include painting from imagination and real forms – the spaces depicted have become more indeterminate and the forms are suggestive of organic processes. I’m attracted to the unpredictable process that creates the forms I’ve used as reference and I’ve also began painting in a less planned manner, improvising with paint in a way that compliments that aspect of the painted subject matter. I want a balance between improvisation and planning in both the subject matter and the process of making – it reminds me of what living is like and of how reality creates through natural processes like evolution that build on chance mutations.

I received a BFA from NSCAD, and have been a finalist in the 13th and 15th RBC Painting Competitions as well as being a regional winner for the 2010 BMO 1st! Art competition. I am originally from Nova Scotia, but I am now living in Montreal and pursuing graduate studies at Concordia University.
Curriculum vitae

Island of the Dead