Yiqi Lu

Yiqi Lu
Bishops University (Sherbrooke, QC)

In my work, I focus on the concept of Chinese traditional culture and the mixing of western and Asian elements. The goal of my artwork is to share Chinese culture with both western people as well as Chinese people. Because most of the western people are unfamiliar with Chinese culture and presently there is an increasing trend of losing traditional Chinese style in the art field in China, I hope my works to arouse Chinese not to lose our own traditional culture.
In addition, the traditional Chinese element also shows my identity. I am a person who was born in China and now in Canada, so Chinese culture represent my original values and western culture are new values, which I think is a great idea to combine Chinese characteristics into Western concepts in my artwork, and mixing various techniques from Western and Eastern. However, when the viewers regard it, they can recognize a familiar feeling which from their own culture, and also something new visually from other culture they do not know.

I hope my artworks seem to provide a double experiences(familiar and unfamiliar) to the viewers. And let them see the combination and communication of culture in art, which reflects the condition of our society which also has the commixture of cultures because it contains many people from different countries and races who brought different traditions. Otherwise, I pay much attention to the visual effects on my works, so I let the images dynamic and realistic.

Yiqi Lu studies undergraduate fine arts at Bishop’s University. Her works mainly involve painting and drawing, most of the works are acrylic paintings. Yiqi also has professional experience in oil painting, Chinese painting, watercolor, color pencil drawing, sketching, and pre-animation making, digital drawing, and design. She has other experience in using Photoshop and Flash. There were several works were exhibited at the Vieux Forgeron Art Gallery in the summer of 2019, and she participated in Bishop’s University’s Open House for art show from 2017 to 2020. Before 2014, Yiqi studied two-years of Animation making and design major in school in China. From 2014 to 2015, she participated in the internship as an animated character designer in Nanjing Aoshizhihuan Animation Company in China. In 2019, Yiqi gained Bishop’s Scholarship from Mr.Knrad Lewinsky & M. Jean Pierre Pelletier. Now, she is focusing on fine art which is art culture from different countries and mixing various traditional cultures and techniques into artworks.