Marie-Ève Pageau

Marie-Ève Pageau
UQAM (Montreal, QC)

My artistic approach generally revolves around the production of two-dimensional works created from various pictorial mediums involving the practice of drawing, painting and sometimes photography. Since the last year, my productions have developed from reflections that deal with memory and nostalgia. I regularly adopt a self-referential approach in order to address concepts at the heart of my personal and artistic preoccupations such as attachment to the past and memories. As a result, my works question the mnemonic capacities responsible for the disruption or preservation of certain significant memories within an identity as well as their psycho-physiological repercussions.

My most recent works are based on a very methodical and systematic approach that is at the heart of the production. Generally speaking, it is a question of setting up a kind of inquiry or protocol, variable from one creation to another, frequently conceptualized from self-referential archives in order to gather factual data around which the works in progress will be articulated. The elements collected often take the form of a painting or a series of two-dimensional works through which an autobiographical reality is inscribed through an archetypal representation of the concepts of nostalgia and remembrance.

With regard to my current production, I wish to continue my reflections on remembrance and its emotional effects within an identity process by questioning the role of episodic memories and their repercussions on the present.

Born in 1995, Marie-Ève Pageau is a young up-and-coming artist who recently graduated from the Université du Québec à Montréal with a bachelor’s degree in visual and media arts. She is now turning to the traditional mediums of painting, drawing and photography to address her artistic concerns such as the concepts of nostalgia and remembrance. Through a self-referential approach revisited by the idea of archetypal memory, she wishes to question and discover different conceptual and pictorial approaches in her creations.

Over the past few years, Marie-Ève has participated in several group exhibitions in the Montreal area, notably in the Paramètres XIX (2020) exhibition presented in the Georges-Émile-Lapalme cultural space at Place des Arts. Winner of the McAbbie Foundation’s Excellence in Painting Scholarship in 2020, she has also been the recipient of numerous awards and distinctions in the artistic field.