Champ Témoin

For the past fifteen years, Michel Boulanger’s creative process has been concerned with pictorial and graphic experiments, reflecting on how images are formed and the role they play in our definition of reality. Landscape, his favoured motif for constructing the real, is the perfect place for depicting mental representations that one makes of nature. Drawing is central to this multidisciplinary process that also includes painting and film animation. Over the years, the work has become a series of complex compositions in which the rules of representation highlight the avatars concerned with perceiving images. From this perspective, 3D modelling has become the preferred drawing tool for exploring generic representations of space.

In his approach to the moving image, Michel Boulanger is interested especially in the possibilities of writing linked to the continuous malleability of the animated 3D sequences, enabling, in particular, the empirical development of sequences without preliminary scripting. In his recent production, he explores the fact that an identical object modelled in 3D can be continually manipulated and transformed. Thus its movements can be modified, the same scene can be filmed from various angles and exposed to new lighting, and the objects in the composition can be covered with new textures and so on. In the animated Champ témoin, a nocturnal chase through a cornfield, a series of animated loops propose slight variations at each beginning. The start and finish of this unique work are perfectly identical, so much so that one cannot recognize the true beginning nor identify the end.