The Scar Project

Text by Nadia Myre

Pick at the scab and what do you see? A story you love? A story you hate? story you are too afraid to share or one you can’t stop talking about? Love the or hate them, our stories are wounds that have shaped and influenced our lives The scar project is about recognizing, naming and sharing them – listening, an in so doing bringing compassion and love to each other and ourselves

Participants are invited to sew their ‘scars’, metaphorical or literal, onto piece of 10″ square canvas and share the story of how they got hurt, by whom, o who they hurt and how. For those who prefer to write, or for those who wish t remain anonymous, writing implements will be made available (manual and/or mechanical). Each canvas will be identified and coded as to when it was made where, by whom, if there is an accompany text, whether the scar is emotional physical or spiritual, if it was intervened on and when (some will be painted a putting salve on a wound), etc

Canvas, thread/cord and needles will be provided for however participants ar more than welcome to enrich the materials there by bringing something they ca leave behind. As the project evolves and travels to different communities thi site will grow to include pictures of the process, the people, the wounds, th stories, the comments, and the date and location of future events.