Blue is a site-specific installation created for the Abrons Arts Center Gallery in NYC that addresses the physicality and spatial perception of the colour blue. Whilst referencing Yves Klein’s International Klein Blue (IKB) and the Light and Space artists of the sixties, Blue imagines new concepts of hue in space manifesting the colour as a graspable physical object. Embracing the spectacle of “blueness,” the installation delivers a destabilizing and powerful experience. As writer John Hampton notes: “Spriggs works primarily in phenomenological experience; he creates stunningly convincing illusions of airy, voluminous objects that we enter visually.”

Blue is created with multiple layers of painted transparent film hung at specific intervals within the gallery. The blue pigment is carried through the space on the transparencies that, once lit, create a blur of three-dimensional color. The result is a field of an intense saturated tint that radiates from the architecture with no defined form or boundaries. A sense of the ephemeral is manifested in the work suggesting the sky. The installation is at once ethereal and concrete. The walls of the gallery are mirrored, creating infinite reflections so that the blue is not only carried through the room, but beyond into reflected space. The boundaries of the architectural space are blurred both by the colour, the transparencies, and the mirroring.